My Time at TiVo

In January of 2006, with my shiny new Master's Degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics in hand, I went to work for one of the companies that I believed cared about design: TiVo.

I quickly became TiVo's lead designer for web and mobile platforms. In that role I designed or redesigned almost every major section of I designed the Products section from scratch, redesigned the Shop multiple times, and redesigned the customer account area.

The most interesting project for me personally was the opportunity to functionally and visually redesign TiVo's online DVR management suite. Another interesting project was the creation of TiVo's first mobile DVR management platform.

After 5 years at TiVo, I was asked to interview at Apple. Despite having a large community of friends at TiVo, I couldn't turn Apple down.




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