Working on the Launch of Apple Pay

It was fascinating being a part of the team that launched Apple Pay. I was the lead designer for the Apple Store App's implementation which took place on both the iPhone and iPad platforms. The resulting design is a perfect example of a final design that is minimal and elegant, but required countless hours of debate. The highlight of the project for me was presenting for two hours to Eddie Cue and Craig Federighi (both Sr. VPs at Apple), plus the VP of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey. The conversation centered on a key debate about what types of commerce partners will use Apple Pay, and how.

During the project, I became one of the foremost experts on how partners might want to incorporate Apple Pay into their ecommerce apps. Another personal highlight was being there for some of the earliest design discussions for Apple Pay. I was an experienced payments designer before this project. Now, payments design is one of my favorite design fields.




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