My Role as Director of UX at Chegg

I led the 25-person international UX Product Design team at Chegg. I doubled the size of the team and significantly restructured it. The team consists of designers, content strategists, and managers located in Santa Clara, San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv.

My priorities as Director of UX

- Defining and instituting organizational structures, processes, and standards optimized to achieve business goals in a rapidly growing company
- Significantly improving the team's design work, design thinking, and output
- Hiring, coaching and mentoring high quality managers, designers and content strategists
- Building strong relationships with our partners including UX Research, Product Management, Business, Engineering, and Marketing
- Ensuring that UX added value to key product strategy and product vision discussions

Key initiatives I led as Director of UX

Product Quality Standards
  • I led discussions at Chegg focused on setting, measuring, and achieving product quality standards.
Creating an Optimized UX Team Structure
  • Chegg tripled in employee size during my years as Director of UX. I implemented a new UX team structure appropriate for Chegg's growing scale that optimized for business priority alignment, more effective partnerships, higher employee morale, and improved resource flexibility.
Leading Product Vision: Chegg "Quick Chat"
  • Starting with only a design intern, I successfully launched and tested an entirely new model for Chegg's tutoring product. That model is now the foundation of the new world-wide Chegg Tutors platform.
Overseeing Large, Business-Critical Design Projects
  • I led multiple large-scale design projects for a variety of new products or major new product initiatives.

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